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mX burlesque nsw

Mx Burlesque Australia was founded in 2009, and the standard for Australia’s first and biggest burlesque competition just keeps gets higher.

This year, Australian burlesque artists are pulling out all the stops and creating totally new concepts to wow the industry and compete for the title.

This is a competition that allows performers to develop a brand and promote themselves at the same time as competing with their Australian burlesque peers. It’s a great platform for performers to debut new routines and exhibit their unique skills.

Mx Burlesque Australia (MBA) is a unique competition, which positions modern burlesque both within its rich historical tapestry and burlesque’s revival as a modern performance based art form. The competition situates itself within the neo-burlesque revival as a theatrical performance-based art form that incorporates elements of striptease as a theatrical cocktail of sexuality and satire.

Competitors are encouraged to create awareness of the art form of burlesque performance through the promotion and public relations section of the competition.

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